Initial Registration

  • Set up Payroll account with Caregiver Tax Services
  • Set up business account with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) if one is not already present

$100 one time fee

 Payroll Service

  • Provide Statement of Earnings and Deductions, which includes caregiver’s gross pay, net pay, income tax withholding, Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI) for each pay period
  • Provide monthly report of the employer’s total costs (including the Employer’s portion of CPP and EI) and withholding taxes to CRA
  • Monitor changes to tax rates, CRA regulations, caregiver salary and make appropriate updates to Statement of Earnings and Deductions
  • Calculate the taxable benefits of room and board if applicable
  • Calculate other taxable benefits
  • Provide annual T4 reporting during the caregiver’s employment and file T4 summaries to CRA (one T4 and T4 Summary per account contract)
  • Complete your caregiver’s Record of Employment if your caregiver’s employment is concluded
  • Manage your payroll business account with CRA and Service Canada
  • Solving and answering all inquires regarding the employer’s caregiver tax situation

$500 annually per caregiver

Remittance Service – Two options available

  • Option 1: Caregiver Tax Services will provide the remittance amount to the Employer and the Employer will submit CRA remittances directly to CRA



  • Option 2: Caregiver Tax Services will receive the remittance funds from the Employer and will submit the remittances to CRA on the Employer’s behalf


 Workers’ Compensation Service

  • Set up Workers Compensation Board account if necessary
  • Report Payroll totals to the Workers Compensation Board on behalf of the Employer
  • Caregiver Tax Services will advise the Employer regarding Workers’ Compensation payment options before the due date and the Employer will make payment directly to the Workers’ Compensation board

$100 annually